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Membership to SIFSA makes your organization part of an active group of experienced professional by providing a platform of opportunity to share, discuss international trends, new practices, legislative changes and current occurrences within international centers around the world in its monthly meetings.

Education and Development

SIFSA recognises as active professionals the importance of continued education and development within the financial services is vital. The Association strives to assist its members with the opportunity to maintain high professional standards. Sifsa partners with international organizations to provide members with skills, new techniques/development to broaden their expertise.

Recognition and Representation

SIFSA continuously monitors proposed legislations and regulations which may have a direct impact on the industry and its operations. The Sifsa provides regular updates on critical issues and engage in consultations with international organisations and government authorities.



SIFSA Seychelles

Seychelles International Financial Services Association (SIFSA) is a private association, which aim is to raise standards of practice to continue serving their members clients in a professional and efficient manner to maintain the excellent reputation of the Seychelles as one of the most reliable, secure and cost efficient places to do business..

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