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SIFSA was formed in 2000 as a non-profit Association which comprises of voluntary membership from professional individuals, corporate bodies within the Seychelles International Financial Services industry. Today, the SIFSA has seen the growth of membership. Any financial industry stakeholder is eligible to become a member of the Association. Please see the full Members list HERE


SIFSA believes that in collaboration with the policymakers and regulatory bodies, its participation enhances and improves legislative drafting of new laws. Moreover the SIFSA engages in extensive research and surveys for submission of Consultation Papers to relevant Authorities with the aim of participating fully in the financial services industry of Seychelles.

SIFSA promotes professionalism and international standards through networking, support and training. It aspires to strengthen Seychelles’ reputation as an International Financial Centre for the provision of corporate and fiduciary services.


SIFSA fosters and coordinate the common interest of members in relation to relevant regulatory bodies as well as ancillary service providers. It represents the members of the Association in matters concerning the industry in forums, workshops, seminars, conferences and meet with international organization where it gives effect to the views of the members on various matters and topics related to the financial industry.

In order to protect the reputation of the Seychelles and the interests of the Association’s Members, to promote a high level of professionalism, and to prevent the use of the Seychelles for illegal and criminal purposes, the Association has adopted a Code of Conduct, which governs the business activities of all its Members.

A copy of this Code of Conduct is available in our LIBRARY.


SIFSA Seychelles

Seychelles International Financial Services Association (SIFSA) is a private association, which aim is to raise standards of practice to continue serving their members clients in a professional and efficient manner to maintain the excellent reputation of the Seychelles as one of the most reliable, secure and cost efficient places to do business..

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